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A Holiday with my Enemy

A Holiday with my Enemy

von Elora Monroy (Autor)

Eve, a senior student in software development, about to graduate for her Ph.D. wants to spend a relaxing holiday with her friends Selene and Michael at the beach in St.Ives in Cornwall.
Well aware that her friends feel far more for each than just friendship, even though they make no further advances for the duration of their holiday, Eve wants to help them get together.
In the hope of having a fun-filled holiday, the three friends travel to their holiday resort, but upon their arrival, all three experience a nasty surprise. Eve in particular is eminently affected.
Not only isn't she staying with her friends due to a booking error, but she also meets the man she had hoped never to see again in her life.
Can she hook-up her friends? Can her holiday be saved? And how should she enjoy spending a holiday with her enemy?
Join Eve, Selene and Michael for a romantic, fun-filled holiday adventure packed with friendship, emotion and love.
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Elora Monroy
Elora Monroy
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