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Copycat Cookbook

Copycat Cookbook

Cook At Home The Most Famous Restaurant Recipes, Step By Step Delicious Dishes From Appetizer To Dessert

von SheilaStork (Autor)

Do you ever wish you could make dishes like some of your favorite restaurants?

And would you be thrilled if you got a collection of recipes of some of the most popular meals in some of the world's most renowned restaurants?

If you've answered YES, this book is for you so keep reading...

You Are about to Discover How You Can Prepare Some of Your Best Restaurant Meals At Home, Even If You've Never Considered Yourself A Good Cook!

Eating out is probably one of the experiences that everyone, from young to old, loves and looks forward to. And when it comes to eating out, I'm sure you know that not every restaurant leaves us wishing we could be great chefs so we could replicate their meals. But if you've been to some of the world's top restaurants, I know you, more than once thought about just having such mouthwatering dishes at home, whenever you want, without spending a fortune!

By virtue that you are here, it is clear you are on a quest towards making that possible and are probably wondering...

Is it really practically possible to replicate meals from the world's top restaurants, even if you are not the best cook?

Will I not require sophisticated tools and appliances to pull off some recipes?

Where do I start?

Can I make everything, from appetizers to main meals, snacks to desserts, soups and more?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading, as it covers mouthwatering restaurant quality recipes that will make you and guests with mouths wide open with amazement because of just how tasty the meals are!

More precisely, you will learn:

Cooking terms and techniques you need to be aware of to move your cooking to the next level

How to make meal presentations that rival that of the world's top restaurants without spending a fortune on training

How to prepare tantalizing appetizers that will be like nothing you've ever tasted

Delicious copycat breakfast recipes that you can prepare at home

Appetizing sauces and dressings that will make you wonder why you never learned this thing early

Sides, salads and sandwiches that will make you and everyone that gets to see or taste your food want to dig in

Mouthwatering fish, pork and beef recipes from some of the top restaurants in the world

Main dish copycat recipes that will make you want to forget about ever going to any restaurant

Dessert recipes that stand out and make every meal experience worth remembering

And much more!

Even if you don't feel confident replicating some of the top restaurant meals at home, this book will give you the much needed confidence to go all in and enjoy the experience!

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