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Dating For Men

Dating For Men

Alpha Male Strategies, Social Skills To Create A Relationship, Online Dating Tips And Effortlessly Attract More Women

von Edwin Dray (Autor)

Are you sick and tired of seeing every lady that you admire slip through your fingers and end up with the same old guys who have been getting every other lady?

And would you like to finally, wow and win over the girl of your dreams and have a healthy relationship, but don't know where to start and are looking to unlock the secrets you've been missing out on all this time?

If the answer is YES, keep reading…

You Are About To Discover The Most Essential And Effective Alpha Male Dating Strategies, Online Dating Tips And Skills To Create A Relationship That Will Guarantee You The Girl Of Your Dreams!

I know you can agree with me that being able to capture the attention of a lady and keep it is not as easy as it may seem, especially when you see how effortless some men make it to look like.

But by virtue that you are here, it means you want to stop being the guy that simply watches other men take away the hottest girls in the neighborhood. It means you want to be where the action is and be able to present yourself as an ideal candidate to get any lady you've been eyeing, without feeling apprehensive about it!

It is great that you know what you want… But I know the reason you are here is probably because you are seeking answers to all the questions going through your mind….

How can I charm any lady even before I say a word to ensure I have an edge over everyone else?

How do I understand how women think and be able to use that to my advantage to win her?

How do I ensure I don't screw it up whenever I get the opportunity to talk to her and possibly go on a date with her?

How do I keep it going, for weeks, months, years and even decades?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading.

More precisely, you will discover:

What to do and how to behave on your first date with a lady

The worst first date mistakes guys make that you should avoid

When or if to take the date further

Effective dating rules for men, including the best place to meet a prospective partner and how to know if she is really into you

Sure fire tips that will guarantee successful online dating

If you are Mr. Nice Guy and why Mr. Nice Guys never win with women

Ways to help you to stop being a Mr. Nice Guy without becoming a jerk

The three different kinds of men that exist and why you should be an alpha male

How to get rid of non-verbal cues that show you are not dominant

The main aspects that women like in a man and how you can adopt them

What women look for in a man and how you can build a strong masculine character

The secrets of being an irresistible catch

And much more

Yes, you can bet that this is a complete guide that will make you the alpha male that oozes charisma and charm that women cannot resist and learn how to use that to your advantage!

Even if you are the shy type and become all sweaty and nervous whenever you meet a gorgeous woman that you want to talk to, this book will prove extremely helpful in turning around your relationship life!

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