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Deception - Episode II

Deception - Episode II

von Alessandro Macedonio (Autor)

From the depths of the Milky Way, young Jack, born on the planet Waspyx, is caught by a "deception." A very real dream transports him to Earth in 2018, where the young man with a thousand ultra-terrestrial talents finds himself in the body of Jack Smiths, a likeable teenager from Utah. The young man mixes with the people of St. George and tries to fathom the secrets of that fascinating, unique population. In the Zion Canyon, the boy from Waspyx and his new friends find two precious stones that will accompany them on an adventure at the limits of reality. While trying to find the wealthy, mad scientist, Mr. Salicov, our adventurers find themselves prisoners in the other parallel universe of MU. Here, bewitched by the new world, the eleven explorers continue their journey through the untouched habitat of the immense Mount Oluk. Along steep paths, they will all fall prey to the evil of the Numstairus and the poisonous Dexuss, beings of low intellect who will show everyone the true aspect of the mystery. All of this will lead the group to rediscover their love of nature as their awareness is reawakened. Amid a thousand obstacles, our explorers will try to survive in the hope of finding the right way to return home…

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