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How to Make Money from Home (2 Books in 1). How to Make Money Homesteading-Self Sufficient and Happy Life + Beekeeping for Beginners

How to Make Money from Home (2 Books in 1). How to Make Money Homesteading-Self Sufficient and Happy Life + Beekeeping for Beginners

von Charles Milne (Autor)

Have you been secretly desiring to establish a self-sufficient homestead, complete with a colony of productive bees and all manner of other self-sustaining systems but don't know what to do to get started and are looking for a guide that will show you the steps to take to achieve that? If you've answered YES, keep reading… You Are About To Discover The Specific Steps To Take To Set Up A Thriving Idyllic Self-Sufficient Homestead That Has All Manner Of Crops And Animals (Including Bees) To Make Your Homesteading Experience Fully Self-Sustaining! Homesteading and beekeeping are two of the most lucrative, therapeutic and health-boosting activities which, unsurprisingly, most people dream of getting into, but for one or more reasons, never get to start. There's a good chance that you've also had a desire to create your own homestead, or at least keep bees for their honey and wax (for domestic use or for sale), as a hobby or for cash- but you never got to start because of unresolved concerns. As an example, do these questions sound familiar? How do I start a homestead from scratch without any experience? How do I start beekeeping safely? How would I avoid the costly mistakes? How do I monetize? What are the kinds of bees or plants I need to look for? …if such questions are the ones that have been holding you back from making your first step, then this 2 in 1 book is all you need. It will answer these and many more questions, as it offers you all the information you've been looking for to start your journey successfully Here's a bit of what the book contains: • The basics of homesteading, including how it has evolved over the years, the approaches to homesteading that you can take and how you can benefit from it • How to set up a homestead that is welcoming and self-sustaining • How to put up a traditional homestead, in simple steps • The most critical homesteading skills to flourish in a homestead, and how to get them • How to choose cash crops and profitable plants to grow • How to make sustainable income money out of your homestead by conducting the right marketing, saving cash properly and selling your products well • How to get started with beekeeping • The different types of beekeeping you need to know • What you stand to gain and risk in beekeeping • How to choose the right bee type and set up the bee colony • The types of hives you need to know about and how to select the right one for you • How to purchase and transport bees • How to feed new bees • The most important things you need to consider as you inspect your beehive • What you need to know about bee stings • How to approach common problems in beekeeping • Important honey prices and market demand details • How the colonies' activities change according to the different seasons • How to harvest honey and beeswax …And much more! As you'll soon discover, it doesn't take much to start a successful homestead, or a beekeeping business. All you require is a simple and comprehensive beginners' guide- and that is one click away! What's more; even if you are a complete beginner to the world of homesteading in general and bee keeping in specific, this book will usher you into this new and exciting world in an assuring, positive step by step language that will see you take the leap and succeed at it! Don't wait…. Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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