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Hunters Of The Great North

Hunters Of The Great North

von Vilhjalmur Stefansson (Autor)

When first you leave home to travel in a foreign land you receive impressions more vivid than those of any later journey to the same country. If you at once rush your views and observations into print you are likely to have an interesting book but not so likely an accurate one. You will probably regret some parts of that book on grounds of mere regard for truth, for you will see later that you erred both in observations and conclusions.
When first I went to the polar regions I came back at the end of a year and a half full of enthusiasm for the Arctic and for the Eskimos.
Luckily that enthusiasm was translated into the organization of a second expedition that left for the North in seven months, and not into a book to be published then.
As I look over my diaries of that time I shudder to think how vastly I might have augmented the already great misknowledge of the Arctic had I published everything I imagined I had seen and everything I thought I knew.



CHAPTER I - Preparations For A Lifework Of Exploration
CHAPTER II - Down The Mackenzie River Through 2,000 Miles Of Indian Country
CHAPTER III - First Impressions Of The Eskimos
CHAPTER IV - Captain Klinkenberg-Sea Wolf And Discoverer
CHAPTER V - The Whaling Fleet Sails Away
CHAPTER VI - Learning To Live As An Eskimo-On A Diet Of Fish Without Salt
CHAPTER VII - How An Eskimo Sailed Through The Storm
CHAPTER VIII - An Autumn Journey Through Arctic Mountains
CHAPTER IX - The Sun Goes Away For The Winter
CHAPTER X - Lost In The Mackenzie Delta
CHAPTER XI - An Arctic Christmas With An English Country Gentleman
CHAPTER XII - The Life At Tuktuyaktok
CHAPTER XIII - Learning To Build A Snowhouse And To Be Comfortable In One
CHAPTER XIV - Travels After The Sun Came Back
CHAPTER XV - We Go In Search Of Our Own Expedition
CHAPTER XVI - A Spring Journey In An Eskimo Skin Boat
CHAPTER XVII - A Race Over The Arctic Mountains In Summer
CHAPTER XVIII - On A Raft Down The Porcupine River


CHAPTER I - How I Learned To Hunt Caribou
CHAPTER II - How I Learned To Hunt Seals
CHAPTER III - How We Hunt Polar Bears

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