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Learn to read and write 4 year old

Learn to read and write 4 year old

tracing letters and learning to write for preschoolers, with exercise handwriting practice, pre-writing

von Alessandro Battan (Autor)

180-PAGE BOOK FOR CHILDREN 3-6 YEARS OF AGE. IT TEACHES STEP BY STEP THE FIRST LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET FROM A TO Z THROUGH PREGRAPHICS, GAMES AND DRAWINGS. The path is developed according to the level of difficulty in learning the first letters and words, starting with pregraph exercises that help the child to develop eye-hand activities and following, with the help of directional arrows, the lines and curves to be traced.

The proposed activities:

Step 1

This step introduces the child to the manual tracing exercise in order to learn to coordinate and develop the ability to focus and pay attention while holding the marker correctly.

Step 2

In this step, the child will begin to see and trace all the letters of the alphabet for the first time. There are three pages for each letter. On the first page, the child needs to trace the largest letter by following the directional arrows, on the second page, he/she has to trace the same letter but in a smaller format, and finally, on the third page, he/she has to trace a funny cartoon shaped letter just for fun.

Step 3

The tracing exercise continues with lowercase letters where the children can start to become familiar with them.

Step 4

In addition to the hands-on exercise, the children will be able to rewrite the words in the empty spaces in capital letters and then color the drawing as they wish.

Step 5

This section of the book is completely dedicated to games to be completed such as connecting the dots, spotting the differences, mazes, puzzles, and finally, in the last 13 pages, the children will have to trace in black the names of animals and paired objects, and color each image accordingly.

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