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Preserving Everything. Effortless Ball Canning Recipes. Make Home Canning and Preserving Easy. Save all the Nutritions in a proper way

Preserving Everything. Effortless Ball Canning Recipes. Make Home Canning and Preserving Easy. Save all the Nutritions in a proper way

von Lavina Winslow (Autor)

Have you always wished there was a way you could preserve the fresh produce you get from your garden for long enough to be able to use it when it is off-season and have tried freezing only to realize it is just not good enough for the kind of storage you wish to have for your produce?

And have you recently discovered that you could actually can your food and are curious to start canning but are not sure where to start or how to go about it the right way, without exposing yourself to the risk of food poisoning or having the food you can going bad?

If you've answered YES, keep reading...

You've Just Discovered The Perfect Guide That Will Introduce You To The World Of Canning And Preserving Food Like A Pro, Even If You've Never Done Anything Like It Before!

With about 50% of all the fruits and vegetables harvested globally every year going to waste, it makes sense that you want to take food preservation seriously and in particular, start canning. Americans alone throw away over 40 million tons of food every year!

The fact that you are here is clear you've seen just how much food is wasted in your household and you want to put a stop to that but don't know how exactly to go about it the right way.

Perhaps you are wondering...

Why is canning better than many other methods of food preservation?

How long will the food I can stay fresh?

How exactly do you can food – do you use the same approach when canning different foods?

What do you need to do to ensure the food you can stays fresh for months or even years?

What are the dos and don'ts you should be aware of when canning food?

How do you get started?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading, as it covers the ins and outs of food preservation, with special focus on canning.

More precisely, you will discover:

The history of food preservation and the various food preservation methods

The necessary equipment you are going to need to prepare the recipes

The ingredients you are going to require in order to prepare the recipes

Guidelines on the various canning methods you can use to preserve your food

A collection of easy and tasty recipes for canning and preserving relishes, pickles, jams and jellies all year round

Step by step instructions on how to prepare each recipe with readily available, budget friendly ingredients

Tips and tricks on how to safely and easily can your favorite fruits and vegetables

And much more

Whether you are just starting on using canning as your food preservation method or you are just a food movement enthusiast, this guide will help take you through everything you need to know.

Even if you are a complete beginner, this book will instill in you the much-needed confidence to start preserving in-season foods and just about anything else you can imagine – with canning!

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