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Programming VB.NET 2008

Programming VB.NET 2008

von Nino Paiotta (Autor)

This text was written for both those that face for the first time in the field of
programming, both for those who want to deepen knowledge in this language.
There is to be noted that the VB.NET compared to VB 6.0 has been radically changed, in fact it main is that the VB.NET bases its operation on the Framework which is a set of classes in which they function and code to create components to be included in our programs, controls such as buttons, forms, functions to store data, etc..
The version of VB treated in this text is the 2008 version. As first thing to be able to realize the programs we need an environment development, which is software that provides everything you need for the programmer create both the graphical interface and is the editor of the code.
You can also manually create all the controls, writing all the code for each component, but since today most of the development environments create components writing their code in place of the programmer, then the best thing is to exploit these features, and so it would be a bad choice to go and create those manually, either as work that as time used only to create interface etc..
The graphical user interface is the part that connects the user and the computer then composed the form that the screens, text boxes, buttons, images, etc..
The code editor instead is that part of the development environment where the programmer must write all the instructions concerning the operation of the program.
In order to obtain a compiler in VB.NET there is no need to spend money on when you are can download various versions of Visual Basic Express 2008 for free from the website of the Microsoft.
The ncominciamo to make an overview of what is programming: everything a computer that processes are data which can be numerical values alphanumeric (such as phrases, names, etc..), dates, and other values ​​yet. For each type of data the computer makes available a container made to mail for the given question these containers are called variables, which we will see shortly.

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