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Public Speaking Communication Guide (2 Books in 1)

Public Speaking Communication Guide (2 Books in 1)

von George Diamond and Mark Spekstone (Autor)

Have you been desiring to improve your public speaking and storytelling abilities to boost your business or personal brand and have tried all manner of things to be more composed, charismatic and come up with captivating stories to keep your audiences concerned but the results seem dismal? And are you looking for a guide that will help you unlock the world of effective public speaking and storytelling so that you come off as authentic and give your presentations greater impact while moving crowds like some of your favorite public speakers? If you've answered YES, keep reading… You Are About To Discover Exactly How To Master The Craft Of Public Speaking And Blend It With Effective Storytelling To Propel Your Business And Personal Brand To The Next Level! In business, stories have a powerful meaning and function besides offering entertainment value. They connect people with other people, brands and businesses; provide context, meaning and evoke a sense of purpose. Notably, stories are as important as the ability to tell them. Good stories go hand in hand with good public speaking skills- but unfortunately, you might be good in one and not the other, or none altogether. Like most people who understand the importance of having great storytelling and public speaking skills, you might often wonder: How do I create and tell good stories in business? What kind of stories are the best? How do I overcome my fear of speaking in public? How do I write a good speech? If so, then this beginners' 2 in 1 book is clearly the perfect resource for you. You will learn how to create and tell stories that inspire and convert, as well as how to confidently relay them through public speaking best practices. More precisely, you'll learn: • What brand storytelling refers to • The benefits of storytelling in business • Great examples of storytelling done right • How to tell a compelling story in simple steps • Why it's important to explore storytelling in business • What makes a powerful story so? • What you need to know about storytelling in finance • How you can find a suitable story • Why statistics don't sell and stories do • How to speak in public confidently • Why public speaking makes us nervous • The symptoms of glassophobia • How to create a good speech • How to speak in public like a pro • How to overcome fear for effective public speaking • Why public speaking matters nowadays • How to become an efficient public speaker by optimizing your pitch, tempo and inflection • The most important things you need to consider to be a good public speaker • How to analyze your audience …And much more! Humans are naturally receptive to stories and communication that helps them empathize, relate, understand and remember. They also respond pretty well to confidence and credible content. You can imagine what you can achieve by being a good storyteller and public speaker… How much you can gain from convinced, engaged and loyal listeners. I know that would mean a lot for your business and personal brand. And that's just what this 2 in 1 book will help you to achieve, even if you consider yourself awkward, not creative, inexperienced and more! Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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