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Relational Intelligence

Relational Intelligence

von Albert Piaget (Autor)

What if you could increase your influence and your likeability on people?

Also what if you could be able to increase the desire for people to want to be around you?

That's exactly the aim of Relational Intelligence!

Relational intelligence is the ability to connect and be present in the midst of tasks. Although most of us focus our conversations on the knowledge we have to share, our measurable core competencies are no longer a competitive advantage. Rather, it's individuals who have the ability to connect with other people who stand out among the crowd.

It is about influence.

Relational Intelligence increases your influence, your likeability, the desire for people to want to be around you.

This type of ability can be leaned thanks to an exhaustive guide like "Relational Intelligence: From Relationship Trauma to Resilience and Balance" by Albert Piaget.

Here's what you'll find inside of this guide:

how to develop Relational Intelligence

why is Relational Intelligence relevant in our workplaces

Relational Intelligence skills to create communication relationships

a model for a healthy Relationship building

habits of people who build extraordinary relationships

...and much more!

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