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Relaxation and Stress Reduction for Beginners

Relaxation and Stress Reduction for Beginners

A Mindfulness-Based Program

von Robin McGill (Autor)

Do you want to overcome stress at work and home from the first day without spending a dime in therapy, counseling, and consultation?

Stress is a menace that affects everyone. Do you think you'll be less affected by it if you didn't know it?

This is a misconception that most people have. They believe that only the people who have to see a doctor are suffering from stress.

Stress affects all of us because it is our body's natural reaction. The problem begins when this reaction is serious and becomes chronic.

More than 110 million Americans are currently affected by prediabetes or diabetes, but most are ignorant about it.

Does that make them less susceptible to danger?

The same is the case with stress. The overall stress level of American society is much above the acceptable level, and that even includes kids. In reality, a much greater population is currently battling with high stress which is affecting them emotionally, behaviorally, and physiologically.

Did you know that stress can have a deep impact on your physical health too?

Most people have a very vague knowledge of stress, and they would clearly fail to identify clear signals of stress. This means they might be overlooking their own real health issues as well as the issues faced by their loved ones.

This book will help you in understanding:

The real depth and penetration of stress

Types of stress and how it matters to us

Impact of stress on our body, mental, and emotional health as well as behavior

The real terms in which you need to identify stressors

Ways in which you can bring down stress at the workplace

Ways in which you can bring down stress in your personal life

Ways in which you can deal with your mind causing the stress

More importantly, ways to deal with unchangeable stressors

Techniques like meditation, visualization, mindfulness, and goal setting that can help in bring down stress

And much more….

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