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Rogoredo, the girl from Milan's drug grove

Rogoredo, the girl from Milan's drug grove

von Michele Agosteo (Autor)

A young woman and her story of drug addiction in the Rogoredo drug grove on the outskirts of Milan.
A chance encounter allows the author to discover the illegal underworld thriving in a forsaken park in the suburban area of one of the most important cities in Italy, considered one of the world capitals of fashion and the main Italian economic and financial hub.
When we think of Milan, we think of luxury stores, of famous brands, of fashion shows, and of its iconic cathedral. Yet, not far away, there is a neglected neighborhood where the criminals rule.
In this short novel, the author accompanies the readers into the world of drug addiction and manages to show them not just the places, the people, and the issues, but also the less-known frailties of those living with drugs – their fear of judgment, their embarrassment for their condition.
A story that will plunge you into a reality that many of us could not even begin to imagine.
Take a leap into an unimaginable reality, a world apart in which people of all ages are sucked in like a whirlwind, and then thrown away like withered flowers.

"This tolerance seemed absurd to me. It was like admitting that in that area, the Authorities were absent and that the only law was the ruthless code of rules of drug trafficking."

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