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Royal Crowns

Royal Crowns

von Alessandro Silvano Picchi (Autor)

One day during my writing I saw and consequently I took information about a "Royal Crown". I looked for any possibile source and I found only a few useless informations. My curiosity took me to investigate about this topic and I consulted any sorts of written informations without acquiring any interesting and detailed info as well as very few images. I believed that all of this was absolutely incomprehensible. I thought about all the people that would have been pleased to find some writing about this topic by grouping a specific kind of informations. Then I decide to write about this subject. My dearest friend, the Architect Giovanni Vitelli supported me with his brave ability both written and visual. It took me a couple of years of intense work to produce what now I take to your attention with the only ambition to enjoy you and to fill the empitness that at my time I had found about the royal crowns. If you would like this work I will rejoice.

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