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Soap Making Business (2 Books in 1)

Soap Making Business (2 Books in 1)

An easy Guide to Make Organic Soap at Your house, Discover the pleasure of Making Natural Products without Polluting the Environment and Make Money

von Kelly Soapy (Autor)

Are you looking start using making your own homemade soap that is free from chemicals that may be harmful to you and the environment while at the same time saving some cash in the process?

If you've answered YES, keep reading…

You Are About To Learn How To Make Your Own Organic And Natural Soap From Scratch Like A Professional And Turn Your Baths And Showers Into A Sweet, Safe And Satisfying Experience That You Deserve!

You know how harmful and disadvantageous store-bought soaps are…

I'm sure you've heard about some of their base chemicals being carcinogenic- at the least.

…and have been thinking of making your own soap.

Unfortunately, you've never started because you've been wondering:

What does it take to make my own soap?

What ingredients and equipment do I need?

What is the process like?

Is it safe?

How do I get started without mistakes?

If that's you, then you just landed yourself the perfect guide!

You are looking at a 2 in 1 book that not only contains the answers to these and similar questions, but the ins and outs of soap making- enough to turn you into a skilled soap maker in no time!

More precisely, you'll learn:

The basics of making soap, and an overview of how soap is made

The different types of soap making

How to make your own organic soap safely

The different techniques you can use to make your soap

Why it's important to use natural and organic soaps

What you need to consider when choosing homemade soap recipes

How to be more creative with soap making

How to use fragrance and essential oils in soap making

How to make soap molds and use them in making your own custom-made soap

How to make soap using the cold and hot process soap making techniques

What bath bombs are and why you need them

How you can use bath bombs in the shower or bath

How you can package and store your bath bombs safely

Common mistakes you need to avoid in making bath bombs

The best natural bath bomb recipes to get you started

…And much more!

There's no better feeling than knowing that your body and skin is well protected and improved each time you bath or shower with organic, homemade soap. Believe me, the feeling even gets better when you know you've saved yourself some cash, learned a useful skill and saved your environment from harmful synthetic material.

If your top goal is to keep yourself and your family protected and enjoy the nourishing benefits of organic soap, you've made the right decision choosing to make your own soap.

This book will walk with you every step of the way to give you an enjoyable, hands-on and fun-filled experience as you make your first successful product.

Even if you feel think the process is too complicated, this book will make it easy and straightforward for you!

Don't wait…

Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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