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Student-Friendly Cookbook

Student-Friendly Cookbook

Cheap, quick, and healthy meals. Delicious, time-saving recipes on a budget

von Elizabeth Flournoy (Autor)

Discover the Tastiest Recipe Book for College Students that are on a
Tight Budget.
College is a place and time in your life when you are re-discovering yourself and want to
try and explore so many things. But most students are facing one colossal obstacle during
their college time – a tight budget.
The first thing they do – they start budgeting food heavily, which is wrong.
In their minds, bland, tasteless cheap noodles are the way to go, but what they don't know
that there is a way to eat cheap and tasty food. That is precisely what this cookbook offers.
With this cookbook in your hands, you'll be able to make the most delicious meals in the
world – all while saving money.
Tasty food can be cheap – all you need to have is a good guide.
All of the ingredients are probably already lying around in your apartment – chicken,
pasta, fish, eggs, etc. You just need to know which combination of those ingredients tastes
the best, and that is what you'll find inside.
Impress your friends and colleagues with tasty and mouthwatering meals that are
cheap to make but taste amazing.
This cookbook doesn't even require you to have cooking ideas or honed cooking
skills…The recipes are made for beginners, and every step is explained in a detailed
manner - you'll never wonder, "What to do next?"
Here's what this college cookbook will offer you:
• 80+ tasty and mouthwatering recipes
• Guide for remaining healthy in college
• How to set up your college kitchen
• Filling up your new pantry with essentials
• Basic cookware and utensils you need to have
• And much more!
If you don't want to be a starving student living on buttered noodles, then this cookbook
will show you how to prepare gourmet meals for a fraction of a price.
Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

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