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Synchronic Physics

Synchronic Physics

Non Locality in the Science of the Millennium

von Paolo Silvestrini (Autor)

This book deals with the vision of the world based on the latest theoretical and experimental developments in quantum physics, and also includes consciousness and awareness in a single and coherent framework.The book is unique because it integrates the orthodox scientific vision of one of the pioneers of experimental research on quantum information with the experience of Zen meditation and shamanism, in an evolutionary process for which the author coined the term "quantum koan". The resulting world view is revolutionized compared to the classic one, and everything is exposed in a sober way, without looking for special effects as is often seen in the literature on the subject. It is about quantum principles, time, life and death, quantum vacuum, consciousness, in a smooth story within everyone's reach. The book is aimed both at physicists open to a non-local vision of reality, as it contains several original scientific considerations published in international journals and here nontechnically described, as well as at any person with no specialist culture receptive to the message. No mathematical formula is used, and the book is accessible to a wide audience.At the end of each chapter there is one meditation technique or a guided shamanic journey that helps the reader to gain direct experience and to deeply integrate the consequences of Quantum Physics into everyday life.

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