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The Cult of the Openings

The Cult of the Openings

von Cyan Bandi (Autor)

Greece, summer of the early 1990s. The novel's narrator, whose gender and identity are not made explicit and are open to interpretation, meets at the dawn of childhood M, a boy just out of his teens, from whom it receives moments of free and untamed humanity, so marking that they become for the protagonist a "code that will dictate the ordering of my existence." The actual or imagined memory of this acquaintance will become the object of a consuming obsession that will be the only constant in the arc of life on the move, settling in various cities of Europe in the attempt to give each time a different narrative to that joint past, which flows inevitably into a present "of one without the other" from which there seems to be no way out. Through the acquaintances made over the twenty-five years following that fateful meeting, the protagonist gets to know itself, in a path of maturation parallel to the cult of Mithras. Each stage represents an opening to cross to reach its completion. Using a writing style that ranges from fable-like to "dirty realism" in step with the growth of the narrator's identity, the novel investigates the mysteries of eroticism, sexuality, and desire, as well as the sense of belonging and the inscrutability of an unbridgeable inner void.

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