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The Flowers of transition - Bach Flowers for the Transgender and Transsexual Path

The Flowers of transition - Bach Flowers for the Transgender and Transsexual Path

von Claudia Valsecchi (Autor)

To what extent is it natural and to what extent is it cultural to be a woman or a man? And are the parameters that define the gender of a person really so scientifically accurate?
Today, the transgender phenomenon forces us to ask ourselves these questions, embarrassing the silent majority that unthinkingly accepts the rigidly binary vision of sexuality, which is useful to the patriarchal system under which we live. This is the root cause of the unequal treatment of people who are part of this system.
This self-help manual, through the flower essence therapy, wants above all to help people to cope with the problems, external, but also internal, caused by discrimination, which continues to affect and criminalize those who are "different." It will become the friend that you can always turn to, even when you are alone, because it is written in a way that makes it is easy to find the ailment that is bothering you and the flower that can help dissolve it.
The text accompanies and supports the transgender person in every step of the entire route, from an awareness of his or her own identity to the difficult relationships with others.
Since most of the problems are due to discrimination, the book can be of benefit to all those who have made an LGBTQ choice.
I dress regardless of the gender that I have been given;
I take hormones, I have altered my body surgically
Why discriminate?
Who have I hurt? Where are my victims?

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