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The Incredible Adventures of Milo and Luna

The Incredible Adventures of Milo and Luna

Princess of Light

von Daniele Sgrò (Autor)

Luna and Milo are two children born and raised practically together, being neighbors. Both are 8 years old and live in a small village, not specifically located, Like every Friday, Luna and Milo go to the market to find some interesting objects at the stall of Mr. Ordius, a mysterious old man who says he wandered around the world in search of souvenirs and ancient objects, and which he now sells at the market to raise some money. The old man does not have a good reputation in the village, because he is said to be a scammer and that the items he sells are actually trinkets found somewhere. But Luna and Milo don't care: they love to listen to old Ordius as he talks about his wacky adventures and, at times, they even manage to get a small souvenir for a few pennies. One day Luna and Milo's attention is drawn to a strange golden toy, so they ask the old merchant for information. Oddly, Ordius says little or nothing about the toy and offers to give it to them, explaining that he will never be able to sell it. Milo and Luna then accept, delighted, although it seems that the trader is much happier having got rid of that object. The two children, returned to the driveway where their two houses overlook each other on the side of the road, play all day with the new toy and, arriving in the evening, decide to exchange the toy custody every other day. A brief game of paper-scissor-rock decrees that the first keeper of the toy is Milo, then the two children say goodbye and Milo returns home with the toy. That night, after placing the new toy on a shelf and going to sleep, Milo is woken with a start by a noise and a blinding light, discovers that the toy has come to life, and introduces himself to him and says he is from the future. , and to be there to give them a chance to save the Earth from destruction. Milo explains to the toy that he can't leave without Luna, so he decides to leave the house through the window and throw pebbles at Luna's bedroom window to wake her up. Milo explains to her what happened, the toy opens a portal to the future, where children are sucked in, to show them what the world will be like if they don't do something to save it. From here their adventures begin.

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