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The last Mission - Becoming the mafia's target!

The last Mission - Becoming the mafia's target!

von Pierpaolo Maiorano (Autor)

After overcoming a terrible crisi, Mario and Roberto are finally serene. They are dedicated to their children and grandchildren. While it's natural for Roby, Mario begins to suffer from the daily routine. Roberto notices and, not to risk losing him, he indulges him when he tells him that he wants to travel.They travel, they visit the world; Asia, Australia, Africa, always with Mario's adventurous spirit, not following the "normal" itineraries. Thus they discover wild Australia, secret Asia and the truest Africa, concluding with an on the road in America. Mario shows him the places that have the most meaning to him, for his growth... until Roberto gets captivated by the big apple. They decide to settle in New York for a while. A big mistake!Mario, believing he is now safe, forgets the most important lesson his late friend Brandon thought him: NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!In fact, they recognize him and he gets involved in a great intrigue. The search of the mafia's treasure! A billion dollars that only one person knows where they are hidden: DAVON! The man who forced him to run away from what he considered his new life. Who caused a series of events that changed his life. And that he is forced to help due to the goodness of his heart.Will he be able to get out of it again this time, or will the last mission prove fatal?


Pierpaolo Maiorano
Pierpaolo Maiorano
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