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The National Malnutrition

The National Malnutrition

von D. T. Quigley, M. D., F. A. C. S. (Autor)

Since the first use of the word "vitamin" the problem of nutrition has been more or less confused. With the discovery of new vitamins confusion increased. When minerals were added to the necessary articles required for good nutrition the bungling and muddling connected with pontifical pronouncements from supposed high places made it more difficult for anyone, doctor or layman, to get at the truth. The matter would not have been so hard to untangle had not the whole question been saturated with the poison of commercialism. The selling of bad food had become one of the biggest if not actually the biggest of business enterprises. The usual scientific discussions which always follow the introduction of new ideas in medicine were not allowed to proceed as usual in an unbiased way, but commercial interests began in a most insidious way to combat scientific fact with ridicule, endowed research (endowed in one direction), and other well tried and tested methods.



Our Dietary Needs

Why We Must Have Vitamins

Why We Must Have Minerals

Our Dietary Intake (What Do We Get)

What Are The Results Of Our Dietary Errors

How Widespread Are Deficiencies

Cancer — Its Treatment And Prevention

Nutritional Treatment Of Anemia

What Must Be Done?

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