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The secrets of Italian secret services

The secrets of Italian secret services

von Paolo Parlamenti (Autor)

The interview offers the author the opportunity to recall the facts experienced in the Italian secret services at the time of the establishment of the Second Republic..
He reveals his feelings and reminds the reader of the ambiguous figures and events of that sad and melancholy period.
Friendship for Prefect Demetrio Missineo and brotherhood for school friend Maurizio.
The important figure of Domenico Salazar.
University students: their simplicity, freshness and sincerity.
His mother and father, called “the rock”, helm of the family.
The ineffable characters of Maurizio Broccoletti and the architect Adolfo Salabè.
The waste of a lot of public money.
Giulio Regeni and the immense pain of a mother deprived prematurely of the affection of her own son massacred by an Egyptian hand.
Bruno Contrada and the reason of state that prevails over everything.
Love for colors, regattas and scuba diving.
the illness of lawyer Leila Benhar, the death of Maria Luisa Isolani,
Young people are entrusted with the task of taking the present in hand to prepare a better future.
The author must consistently similar that his own generation has failed in this.

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