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The Tale of the Seven Dwarfs

The Tale of the Seven Dwarfs

von Pietro Alfredo Moros (Autor)

The true story of the Seven Dwarfs. Why?

I was telling fantastic stories I have invented for my daughter and my niece, and then suddenly the question: why the Seven Dwarfs are only seven?

Interesting, I said to myself .... Who knows if anyone has found out where the Seven Dwarfs come from? They must have had sisters, aunts, cousins, grandparents ... in short, they cannot be born without a mom and dad!

And that’s how I set my fantasy in movement. On the other hand, I had to say something to those big eyes full of curiosity waiting for an answer from me!

And I amazed myself… but what a beautiful story I was telling! It seemed so real ... I don't hide that I really thought it.

But I guess it's time to tell it to you too…. please, read it and live it, I wish calmly.

Hope see you soon,

Pietro Alfredo Moros

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