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Vital Magnetic Cure: An Exposition of Vital Magnetism, and Its Application to the Treatment of Mental and Physical Disease

Vital Magnetic Cure: An Exposition of Vital Magnetism, and Its Application to the Treatment of Mental and Physical Disease

von Magnetic Physician (Autor)

From the remotest period of human history the power of mind over mind, and mind over matter has been known. In all ages it has to some extent, and in some form been illustrated.; and there have descended to us in legitimate annals or traditional story, occasional glimpses or more complete accounts of its application in the treatment of disease, followed by the most marvellous results. With only the light of a materialistic philosophy to guide, the statements could not be regarded otherwise than marvellous, if not deemed absolutely incredible. Substantiated by competent and reliable testimony, yet contrary to general experience, and in opposition to known physical laws, they could only be explained by a belief in miracle. But since the boundaries of natural science have been vastly enlarged, it has come to be understood that such phenomena are neither unnatural, supernatural nor miraculous. Although at certain epochs their manifestation has been confined to a few persons, or known only in isolated instances; the extent to which they have been observed thus fluctuating from time to time, they have in latter years rapidly increased, so that in our day they are of no uncommon occurrence.
In alluding to the diversity of magnetic endowment, we have refrained from mentioning the names of particular Magnetizers and Clairvoyants, in order that we might deal impartially with all. The treatise is intended to benefit all, by making known what can be accomplished by this remarkable power. It is a book for the skeptic and the honest inquirer, as well as these classes; and in fact for all who dare to think for themselves on these great living, vital truths. More might be said on the subject, for it is inexhaustible. Others should strive to improve upon our effort, giving to the world their highest and best thoughts, and the teachings of experience, leading to a correct understanding of life, both in the material and spiritual realms of existence.

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