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Women Seeking in Men. How to Flirt with Men, Boost your Sexual Intelligence, Learn How to Get the Guy and Seduce Him from the First Date

Women Seeking in Men. How to Flirt with Men, Boost your Sexual Intelligence, Learn How to Get the Guy and Seduce Him from the First Date

von Steve Perry (Autor)

Do you wish to charm and spellbind any man you wish to date to develop deep, undying interest in you but have no clue where to start and how to do it confidently without coming off as slutty and cheap?

And do you wish to keep the man you get, have an amazing dating experience and possibly build a long term relationship with the kind of man many people only dream about?

If you've answered YES, keep reading…

You Are About To Discover The Secret Strategies That Women In Successful Dating Relationships Never Seem To Want To Admit And Share With Other Women On What It Takes To Attract And Keep A Man, For Good!

It's true that women generally find it easier to get a man they want than the other way around. Unfortunately, there are more women who struggle when trying to find a man than most social science journals would care to admit. From always getting the "wrong guy" to countless "things gone wrong" during dates and first time engagements, women are really suffering under the veil.

As part of this group, I imagine that you've been asking yourself a few things:

What do men want?

What makes a good date work?

How can I get confident enough to get the man I want?

How can I avoid mistakes during online dating?

Should I go for the nice guy or bag guy?

If you have, then your search ends here. I know that you've clearly had enough of bad relationships, hookups and dating issues, and all that ends right here. This simple, straightforward beginners' book is here to give you a clear insight into the secrets of dating, understanding men and getting what you want.

With it, you'll discover:

The difference between a bad boy and a nice guy and what their characters mean

How the male mind operates

The secret to being successful at dating

How to ace the first date

How to be successful at online dating by doing things right the first time and avoiding mistakes

How to fly like an eagle in the "wingman"

How to bring out the best of your body

How to make the right call

The rules and tips you need to know to have confidence and glow

Why dating is a game, and how to play it successfully

…And much more!

As you'll soon discover, there's a difference between what you've been doing and what you should actually be doing to get a good match for yourself. The good news is that it's not difficult to do what you're supposed to do and the way this book is written and structured makes it so.

Yes, it is perfect for you, even if you've had a string of unsuccessful relationships or just never seem to have the kind of men you wish to date approach you!

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